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januari 1, 2016

150 år av ren energi och rent vatten

januari 2, 2016

Jöns Mattisson-Malmberg is born in Skepparslöv.

januari 5, 2016

Liberal market forces gain the upper hand. The Freedom of Business act removes all vestiges of the guild system and abolishes remaining barriers to men and women starting their own businesses.

januari 6, 2016

On April 7 Jöns Mattisson-Malmberg, 24 years old, starts a business under his own name for the manufacture of axes and straight blades as well as hoes and general iron pieces for construction work.

januari 7, 2016

Malmberg’s annual turnover is 1,936 crowns from the manufacture of well pumps, chaff cutters, velocipedes and charabancs.

januari 8, 2016

Contaminated well water is a big local problem. Jöns invents a method for filtering the well water. He also develops a quick and simple method for drilling down to fresh groundwater in the clean layers of gravel below the earth’s surface.

januari 9, 2016

Jöns hands over his company to his son Erik but continues to make wooden filters for wells. Carriages and bicycles become the company’s main business as it changes it name to E. Malmbergs Carriage Making Factory, Yngsjö.

januari 10, 2016

The arrival of the automobile reduces the demand for carriages. Malmberg focuses on well drilling using modern drilling technology.

januari 11, 2016

Malmberg’s annual turnover is 10,173 crowns. Demand for communal water supply is on the increase.

januari 12, 2016

The leader of the Swedish Social Democrats, Per-Albin Hansson, describes his vision of the ‘People’s Home’ in a speech that marks the start of a long period of state-subsidised modernisation and new house-building programmes.